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Documentary Films

Documentary Films

Storytelling is what we live for.

Core Medical GroupCore Medical Group set out on a mission to help military veterans around the country by helping them achieve optimal health and wellness through their testosterone and hormone replacement therapy protocols. We created this video through a series of compelling interviews from staff and patients over the course of a few days on location at Core Medical’s facilities in South Florida.

Entertain, Enlighten and Broaden Minds With Compelling Documentary Films

Nothing has quite the impact or stays with viewers longer than a thought-provoking documentary. These films can shock, educate, or even challenge the audience when done correctly. However, it takes a specialized approach to put together a film that provides detailed information and holds the viewer’s attention. 

You need a production team willing to travel wherever required to get the best footage and commit to a lengthy shoot if necessary. Beyond everything else, your project should communicate your vision, challenge, or question to the audience.

Bring Your Research, Passion, or Struggle to Audiences With Significant Effect By Choosing Blank Frame Films for Documentaries

At Blank Frame Films, we admire great documentaries and work with you to create your own. Our team of professionals works hard to deliver a visual experience you’ll be proud to put your name behind. 

Whether you need a single day of shooting or many, we aren’t satisfied with the project until you are. Contact us today at 561-809-5634, and let us create something awe-inspiring that audiences can learn from for years to come.

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