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Company Toast – The pandemic threw a lot of people through a loop, and our friends at Overproof formed Company Toast, an initiative to help put those out of work in the hospitality industry back to work during these hard times, put together at-home happy hours, delivering all the supplies needed to make some tasty cocktails. We enjoyed filming and toasted to a successful video project with the fun crew at Company Toast!

Announce New Products With Style and Provide Stunning Video Promos for Increased Brand Visibility and Reputation

There are a few types of business video projects that organizations must get right. Showcasing a new product and sending out a press release video is one of them. You want your new addition to the market to capture new customers, create enthusiasm, and get your brand on everyone’s mind. 

A talented production company with outside-the-box thinking can work with you to create a short film that gets online engagement and people talking.

A High-End Visual Presentation Always Delivers Amazing Results

At Blank Frame Films, our extensive experience in pre-production, production, and post-production set our services apart. Our talented production team is adept at working with other businesses to highlight new products and craft interesting, gripping material for your business, no matter how large or big at heart. 

Whether you’re looking to release a new product or instill brand confidence in your consumers, Blank Frame Films will be there every step of the way. Contact us today at 561-809-5634, and let’s bring your vision to life together!

The Ross Art Group – When you think of a poster, do you see it as a rolled up sheet of paper with some art or design on it? Mickey Ross sees it as a valuable piece of history. We produced a series of videos for The Ross Art Group and got a quick education on vintage posters while telling their story.

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