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Why Shoot Your Next Commercial in Delray Beach?

Why Shoot Your Next Commercial in Delray Beach?

Why Shoot Your Next Commercial in Delray Beach?

  • Posted by Blank Frame Films
  • On August 13, 2021

Delray Beach, aka the Village by the Sea, our hometown! While it’s known for downtown Atlantic Avenue, tons of restaurants, shops, and more, Delray Beach is a great backdrop for your next video production and photography project. 

The Beach

Whether you sell a skin care product, swimwear, or even the latest design in beach chairs, filming

on Delray’s local beaches will give you the sunny summer time look you’re going for. 

Public Art 

Being boring is, well… boring. Instead of another gray backdrop portrait, Delray Beach has a ton of Public Art created by local artists which gives the city a ton of charm and add to the artistic vibe in the city.

 A few of our favorite backdrop locations are:

‘Dancing Pineapples’ on Pineapple Grove

West Wall of Delray Beach Tennis Center

A Sculptures on Atlantic Avenue

These public art pieces make great backdrops for ad campaigns needed a pop of color, music videos, portraits, and any photography or video production need! 


If you sell fitness products or pet products a few great locations around town are Delray Beach’s local parks. Closer to downtown we have Veterans Park which sits right on the intracoastal. A little further west you have Lake Ida Park which can be used for anything from outdoor running, to yoga, to working with animals for pet product commercials. 

Delray Beach is a great city to film your next commercial in for all of these reasons and more. the city is very cooperative and happy to help in anyway they can to make your production run the smoothest it can. We’ve been fortunate enough to actually close down Pineapple Grove for half a day to film a scene for a feature film we produced, and the Delray Beach Police Department made the process easy, with proper permits of course!

Are you ready to film your next commercial in Delray Beach? If so, give us a call and we can help get it going.


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