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Video Production Services

Our passion for video production is unparalleled

Blank Frame Films

At Blank Frame Films, our passion for video production is unparalleled when it comes to filmmaking and storytelling. Our creatives are dedicated to producing cinematic visuals to help businesses of any size, brands, agencies, non-profits, and more tell their story and captivate their audience.

During pre-production, we strategize with the client and figure out a game plan for production, which is when we film and make all the magic happen. In post-production, we assemble the edit to finalize your crafted video, complete with licenced music, graphics, and animation when applicable.

  • Pre-Production
Once we have a discovery phase with you and really learn what your goals are, we move to Pre-Production. Here is where we create the blueprint for the whole project. Scripts, Storyboards, Scheduling, Location Scouting – everything needed to ensure a successful production happens here, and we take pride in our thorough process to make sure we’re ready for Production!
  • Production
After all the planning, we arrive at Production. Whether it’s a one-day shoot or multiple days, our crew is well prepared with a plan and the latest equipment to create the best-looking project possible. Every project is different, so the scope of crew and equipment will vary depending on the vision of the project.
  • Post-Production
Once we wrap Production, we dive into Post-Production which is where we assemble all the media into the final deliverable(s). Through this process, we pull selects, assemble the project, find music to license, color correct & grade footage to look its best, clean up audio, and implement any motion graphics if necessary.

We offer full-service video production for the following:

Commercial Video Production

With a great idea, it’s important to showcase and demonstrate why it warrants people’s time. Given the abundant amount of competition out there seeking to capture attention, strong video production is crucial for your product. It would be best to have a team of professionals wielding the latest in high-quality commercial production tools. However, it’s not just experience or equipment that helps craft appealing and cinematic commercials; it also requires skill to bring a client’s vision to life.

Documentary Films

Nothing has quite the impact or stays with viewers longer than a thought-provoking documentary. These films can shock, educate, or even challenge the audience when done correctly. However, it takes a specialized approach to put together a film that provides detailed information and holds the viewer’s attention.

You need a production team willing to travel wherever required to get the best footage and commit to a lengthy shoot if necessary. Beyond everything else, your project should communicate your vision, challenge, or question to the audience.

Nonprofit Video Production

At Blank Frame Films, we strive to tell each non-profit organization’s story accurately. We understand that a non-profit exists through the continual involvement of its donors and volunteers. If your non-profit organization wants to create something emotional, authentic, and motivating, our production team is ready.

Let’s work side by side to get your message out to those who can help and make a difference together. Contact us today at 561-809-5634, and allow our passion for video production to support your organization’s passion for helping others.

Corporate Video Production

There are a few types of business video projects that organizations must get right. Showcasing a new product and sending out a press release video is one of them. You want your new addition to the market to capture new customers, create enthusiasm, and get your brand on everyone’s mind.

A talented production company with outside-the-box thinking can work with you to create a short film that gets online engagement and people talking.

Training Video Production

Every business has employee procedures, guides, unique cultures and defining mission statements. Instead of just handing new employee’s an orientation packet, why not create engaging training videos?

A skilled production company can help you craft something that stimulates and teaches those new to the organization. With a creative approach, you can give each new member of the team all the essential information about the company and their role with engaging training videos.

Customers can also benefit from instructional videos that help them with your products or services. Don’t let an amateur unconnected to your company be the most substantial presence your consumers find when researching what you offer. Instead, consider working with a professional production team to create an instructional video, so that you can speak directly to your customers.

And More!

Let Our Dedicated South Florida Video Production Team Bring Your Vision to Life

Whether you’re a CEO looking for a basic teleprompter read, you have a brand story that needs crafting through interviews and B-roll, or you want a commercial with a full-scale crew, our talented team of production professionals is up to the task. If you have a project that’s already been shot, we’re happy to take on the editing side of the project as well! Call us today at 561-809-5634 to ensure that every step of your project is a complete success!

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