So you’re ready to start creating video content for your brand, product, or organization. It’s an exciting step to further engage with your customers, raise awareness, and tell your story! The first step in the process is to identify who is right for the job.

When most people want to start creating video content, they instantly think “I need a videographer.” One common misunderstanding in the video production industry is the difference between a videographer and a production company. Let’s get you up to speed on the lingo.

A Videographer is typically a camera operator who captures events and smaller projects for businesses. Often times depending on the project, they work by themselves wearing many hats.

A Video Production Company, on the other hand, is made up of a team of creative professionals that offer a large amount of services. Production Companies consist of Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, Grips/Gaffers, among other key roles in the production realm. By working with a team of creative professionals, your project will benefit from a smoother production and a much better quality production due to having the right crew in the right places and using the right equipment for the job.

This isn’t to say that a Videographer can’t get the job done, but it comes down to your project budget and the scope of work needed. Hiring one Videographer will certainly be cheaper than working with a Production Company, but you have to ask yourself how important this project is to you and if it’s worth investing a bit more into a production that may change the way others see your business. 

As a Video Production Company, we’ll be there with you every step of the way; from Pre-Production to Production and through Post-Production. Whether you have a half baked idea or no concept at all, it’s our job to help you on the creative side and ensure the smoothest production. Using professional crew members who specialize in their roles will greatly enhance the level of production as well.

Whether you’re set on hiring a Videographer or a Video Production Company, make sure to do your research. Check out their website and see the quality of work they’ve done for other businesses. The film industry is made up of a lot of different personalities, so before you sign a contract with either, it’s important to make sure the relationship is a good fit for both sides.

When hiring a Video Production Company, just remember the following benefits:

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