What is Micro-Content?

Micro-Content is short form content that delivers stand-alone information, for many functional use cases. In todays social media filled climate, Micro-Content has become a major key in brands and businesses of all sizes. 

Think of an image on Instagram of a full rack of ribs cooking on a smoker at a local BBQ joint. Let’s say the restaurant is Troy’s BBQ for instance. That single image of ribs is considered Micro-Content. A Digital asset who’s purpose is to draw the attention of customers.

In todays fast paced world, not everyone has the patience to sit through a 5 minute long video introducing a company. Sometimes all it takes is a single image to get your mouth watering. 

Types of Micro-Content


Photography alone can be enough to show viewers what your business is all about. You can never have enough imagery whether it be on your website or social media platforms.


Infographics are a great way to represent information or date in the form of a chart or diagram. You can stylize them to match your branding and keep things consistent. 


Sometimes a quick snippet of video is all you need to sell your product and services. With Instagram pushing video content, it’s a no brainer to mix in some video clips to your social media timelines.


With the humor of the internet today, more and more companies are turning to Memes to get information across in a funny way that can tie into pop culture.

How Micro-Content is Beneficial 

These days, people are glued to their phones. We’ve been there, we get it. The internet is a never ending source of information and entertainment. Whether someone is waiting in line for a coffee or in line at the bank, it’s become natural to check your social media and see what’s happening. These small sessions of screen time are where Micro-Content can be exactly what gets the viewer thinking about your business. Remember the ribs from earlier?

If you’re not ready to plunge into a large scale video project, a Micro-Content shoot may be just what you need. Typically with these sessions, we’ll spend a day capturing a mixture of photos and video, and we’ll delivery separate bits of Micro-Content so you can have loads of content to post to your social media for month. This is usually a cost effective way to build content for your business, as it doesn’t require as much crew or as much post-production to piece together.

Ready to up your business social media and have content to post for months? Get in touch and let’s get a Micro-Content shoot scheduled for your business today!

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